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Mike Yoder is a constitutional attorney, and the founder of Citizen AG. Mike is also the managing partner of Yoder LaVeglia LLP––one of the most renowned and aggressive constitutional litigation firms with nationwide presence.

Less than 10 minutes after Biden announced the federal vaccine mandate, Mike publicly declared he would be suing the Administration—and he did. In addition to Biden, Mike also sued every single Secretary in the Cabinet, and it took just 5 days or for him to block the Administration from terminating federal workers who had submitted religious accommodation requests.

Mike has also represented Project Veritas whistleblower, Jodi O’Malley, who exposed the federal government regarding the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines. Despite a barrage of attacks lodged by co-workers and even the Department of Health and Human Services itself, Ms. O’Malley was not only found clear of any wrongdoing by the Arizona State Board of Nursing, but she also forced the United States government to turn over thousands of COVID related documents regarding financial incentives, the suppression of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, the inflation of COVID-19 patient statistics, and the under-reporting of vaccine-induced fatalities and injuries.

Outside of complex civil litigation, Mike also teaches constitutional law courses designed for the everyday, average citizen so that non-lawyers can learn and understand their rights.

Mike has litigated cases against the NSA, DOD, DOJ, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and DC Mayor, Muriel Bowser. He has sued state leaders including Governor Cuomo, Governor Pritzker, Governor Newsom, and most recently, Hawaii Governor Josh Green, challenging his unilateral criminalization of the First Amendment on behalf of his client, O’Keefe Media Group. On the corporate side, Mike has sued major pharmaceutical companies including Teva Pharmaceutical and Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and other corporate giants including Best Buy, Anthem Healthcare, Northwell Health Systems, Olympus America, Vail Resorts, Centene Corporation, Capital One, and 3M.

  • This is now my personal website as I'm no longer a solo practitioner. In August 2023, I merged firms with Chad LaVeglia––another patriot, freedom-loving lawyer based out of New York City––and we are now partners at Yoder LaVeglia LLP.

    If you're looking for legal representation or wish to retain me as your lawyer, please visit our law firm's website by clicking here.

  • There are quite a few reasons but here are the main 2 reasons:


    Personal Business vs. Law Firm

    As mentioned before, I now practice law as a partner at Yoder LaVeglia LLP –– and our law firm has nothing to do with my personal business. My personal business and Yoder LaVeglia LLP are entirely separate entities and have different bank accounts, different contracts and agreements, completely separate encrypted communications storage, software, and databases. If you contact me on here, it won't be logged into your file and that just makes everything more difficult for the both of us.

    Ethical Obligations

    The second reason is due to ethical reasons. Not only do I now practice law with Chad LaVeglia who in turn, needs to be aware of all of our cases, but also because our firm's staff would not have any way to jump in and help with your case as needed if communications are mixed up between two sites. 

    Plus, a lot of rules apply to the practice of law. Chad and I always have, and always will, uphold our ethical obligations as lawyers and to ensure that happens, we have to streamline all communications about retaining legal services through the law firm.

    If you have any questions about hiring us, just shoot my assistant an email and she'll get right back to you. Her name is Kate Ware ( and I'm truly blessed to work with her––and if you send her an email, you'll see why!

  • No. I have spent thousands of hours studying, learning, and curating the information to make these courses available and enjoyable for you and I already provide my services at a rate far below their actual value.

    Our law firm does not reduce rates, nor do I reduce rates in my personal capacity. The quality of the materials I provide and the wealth of information you'll receive is overwhelmingly worth the cost. Feel free to ask any of the thousands of people who have taken my courses in the past and trust me––you'll be hard pressed to find a single person who didn't feel it was worth it.

  • I've revised my courses and specifically tailored them for anyone with a 9th grade education & up. From advanced learners in middle school testing above the 9th grade level through seasoned lawyers and even those with PhDs, I've had the opportunity to teach people of all ages and backgrounds––and every single one of them has been able to get something new out of each class they've taken.

    I certainly encourage parents to get their kids involved early on and the Con Law 101 course is absolutely perfect for kids in high school.


    Make sure they learn the truth about the law and our history before college where more than likely, they'll be spraying young minds with lies on steroids out of a firehouse for the next 4 years straight.

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