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Founding Partner

Chad J. Laveglia, Esq.

Chad J. LaVeglia is a seasoned trial lawyer from New York and founding partner of Yoder LaVeglia LLP. He is equally street smart as he is book smart. Chad’s won 30 out of 32 jury trials. Chad began his career practicing criminal law in Brooklyn, New York. 


Chad defended thousands of clients accused of crimes. He held the government to its burden and made sure that his client’s Chad’s talent and work ethic paid off in the courtroom. Chad is also a former prosecutor.

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As a prosecutor, Chad won cases that were “unwinnable.” The most difficult trial cases were given to Chad. With only a video as evidence, he persuaded a jury to convict a local attorney who brutally assaulted a woman in the lobby of his law office.

LaVeglia next defeated New York City’s vaccine mandate entirely. Out of nearly 60 lawsuits Chad was the only attorney to prevail. Chad persuaded the Court that the mandate violated the Equal Protection Clause, Due Process Clause, Separation of Powers Doctrine, that the Commissioner of Health did not have the power to terminate City employees for noncompliance, and that the mandate was arbitrary and capricious. This case was the first significant victory against the City’s dystopian public health policies in more than a decade.

In the same year, Chad beat the New York City Department of Education on behalf of teachers who were unlawfully placed on leave without pay. As a result, 83 teachers were fully reinstated.

New York City

"Passion + Skill = Success. We are unstoppable."

– Chad LaVeglia, Esq.


2001 L St NW, Ste 500

Washington, D.C. 20036


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